Siri Khalsa

Nutritionist & Energy Work

Siri Khalsa's introduction to raw foods occurred in the early 1980s when she was diagnosed with fibroid tumors of the uterus. As the doctor left the exam room, the nurse said that if she had the fibroids removed surgically, they would more than likely come back. A friend of Siri's had also just been diagnosed with fibroid tumors but was told by a raw food advocate who'd healed herself of leukemia that fibroids could be healed with a regime including a raw food diet, colonics, herbs, fasting and wheatgrass juice. Both she and her friend immediately adopted this regime. Six months later, her friend was pregnant, and one year later, the grapefruit-sized tumor Siri had developed was gone.      


Siri devoted herself to obtaining knowledge and modalities for self-healing and became an iridologist, a massage therapist, nutritionist, aromatherapist and Quantum Bio-Feedback technician. Her clients have overcome infertility, gout, migraines, liver spots, complexion issues and digestive disorders.

2024 N 7th St

Phoenix, AZ  85006