Rick Story

Massage Therapist

Rick is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been nurturing his craft for 10 years. His techniques vary from deep tissue to deep relaxation (Swedish) and his scope of practice includes:


Sports Massage (Pre & Post Event)

Sports Injury Massage

Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment

Structural Integration

Deep Tissue Integration

Deep Tissue Melting


Trigger Point

General Pain, Tension, and Stress Relief

Lymphatic Drainage


Hot Stone Therapy.

Rick feels Massage Therapy isn't just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Communication with the client is paramount when it comes to treating pain, discomfort and/or tension. His massages are tailored to benefit you as much as possible. Rick has worked with many people from all walks of life with varying injuries and is motivated to help.


The oath “Do No Harm” applies to all parts of his life. Rick has a deep love for people, animals and nature. Knowing that we’re all connected, he has always had an intuitive sense to help people. Being a very spiritual person, he knew he was on the right track with massage therapy. Rick cares a great deal about the well being of the individuals he treats and a typical spa was not his path. He loves to be in a place for healing, where caring for people is a more “well-rounded” experience in terms of care and attention being given to health, exercise, dietary needs, restful sleep and spiritual awareness.

2024 N 7th St

Phoenix, AZ  85006