Aeimee Diaz


Aeimee Diaz is a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac), Diplomat of Oriental Medicine and supporter of integrative medicine who has been working in the field of alternative medicine for more than 20 years and practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 10 years. She has cared for patients afflicted with Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain, cancer, AIDS, HIV, respiratory illnesses, stress, sports injuries (fractures, sprains and strains), digestive disorders, infertility, Bell’s palsy, stroke, post-surgery pain and recovery, PTSD, addiction, smoking cessation, and cosmetic acupuncture (including face and neck lifts as well as weight loss).

Aeimee specializes in creating personalized treatments for clients, each tailored to the unique individual, as she seeks homeostasis of mind and body. She values both Western and Eastern medicine, believing that an integrated approach to medicine is the best approach to healthcare. She works in connection with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, medical hypnotherapists, chiropractors and other healthcare providers and works with PEMF (Pulse Electric Magnetic Field) Therapy, aromatherapy, iridology, herbs (Eastern and Western), food therapy (nutrition), supplements, tuina (Chinese medical massage), qigong, taichi and bio-magnetic therapy. She's also knowledgeable in Western Orthodox Medicine. 


Aeimee is a fourth-generation healer and both her parents were healers. Her mother was a medical homeopathic doctor, specializing in iridology (study of the eye), herbs, food therapy, hydrotherapy, massage, and other indigenous (folk) treatments. Her mother studied under and translated for Dr. Bernard Jensen, a pronounced iridologist, colon hydro therapist, author, and nutritionist. Aeimee's mother owned a health food store in East Los Angeles during the 80's, where Aeimee learned the importance of how health played a role in the community. Both Aeimee's parents studied with Mikio Kushi, a pioneer in the macrobiotic diet movement in the West. Her father has written a book in Spanish on alternative medicine and is currently working on his second. He also has a Spanish radio show providing health advice in Los Angeles. He studied acupuncture and bio-magnetic therapy, working with great success in patients with challenging cases of lupus, cancer, fibromyalgia, and other auto-immune diseases. 


Aeimee was recently hired by Arizona State University to work in their Wellness Clinic providing acupuncture for the faculty and students. Her prior commitments have been as a health crusader conducting lectures on health and food, mentoring for a woman's program (Woman of Courage), a representative for the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Student Body as a Vice President, Mountain Region representative of the Development Task Force and coordinated the silent auction at the Phoenix Conference. She has also represented the state of Arizona as Miss Teen Phoenix 1993.


Aeimee takes an active role in helping create a brighter and hopeful future for troubled youth by working as a lead facilitator through Release The Fear, Inc. a character-building workshop utilizing art, interactive activities and music,  inspiring teens to be a positive influence in the world. She is also piloting a youth mentoring program called, “Kids R' Healers Too!" that develops proficient and highly trained future healthcare practitioners through the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She believes diagnosing is key in developing the best treatment plan and that understanding the fundamentals of how the energy functions in the body can offer tremendous insight. Evaluation, diagnosing and treatment are all included in her mentoring program.


In Aeimee's words, “I was born to heal and teach. My joy comes from helping people transition to a healthier lifestyle. So they in turn may teach and heal their family and friends. May health be with you!"

2024 N 7th St

Phoenix, AZ  85006